Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Kitchen Witch

On Christmas and Easter Sunday
we are good Catholics
heads bowed in prayer
around a rich table
of family
and old recipes
that have too much
hand churned butter.
At the altar of the
kitchen stove
woman mingle
for gossip and mixed drinks.
We do not acknowledge
the kitchen witches
hung from the ceiling
gathering all the bad spirits
and household dust.
On these days
we are too busy
initiating the youngest
cousin into the art of
grapefruit slicing
to explain that
these traditions
are not superstition,
just added protection
for our own 
sacred space.


  1. Hello! Really liked the parallel of superstition and tradition, and the real, homey feeling you evoked. No writing comments (other than "hand churned" could be "hand-churned"), as I'm not much of a poet or poetry reader! Good job!

  2. Interesting look at kitchen rituals.

  3. Really nice piece. I did not know what a kitchen witch was, but now I kind of feel like I do.

  4. I like the way you show both the religious elements and the personal elements in this. I love the kitchen witch inclusion, because that gives such a sweet glimpse of these women. (I have no idea what happened to my old kitchen witch!)

  5. I really enjoyed how your descriptions took us into your family kitchen and the different generations that gather together for a particular reason.